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Portrait No.1 He wears the all white, summer, M1895 kepi and an officers M1912 tunic. Judging by his epaulettes I guess he is still in military school.


On the back: În semn de iubire și recunoștință din partea nepotului și vărului F?. Emenea. 7.VII.912. Familiei F. Bunescu Rociu

Translation: As a sign of love and gratitude from your nephew and cousin F?. Emenea. 7.VII.912. To F. Bunescu Rociu family

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Portrait No.2. M1895 military school uniform.


On the back: În semn de iubire scumpei mele verișoare Viorica. Astăzi 10 ale lunei a 8a din anul 1913. F?. Emenea. Domnișoarei Viorica Bunescu

Translation: As a sighn of love for my dear cousin Viorica. Today the 10th of the 8th month of the year 1913. F?. Emenea. (to) Miss Viorica Bunescu.

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