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Мини-подборка: Одесса, 1942 г. / Mini photo lot: Odessa, 1942

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Представляю вашему вниманию небольшую подборку, в которой есть пара фотографий, сделанных в оккупированной Одессе.

Small photo lot containing two photos made in occupied Odessa.


Фото № 1.


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Скан реверса оригинального фото № 3 и скан реверса с послевоенной копии той же фотографии.

Scans of two backsides, that of an original snapshot as well as of a post-war reproduction of the same photo.





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Nice photo lot!


Portrait front: Florică Giuglea

Portrait back: Domnului Costică Istrate. 3 Februarie 1939. Ca amintire de la Florică Giuglea. Subofițer mecanic din Regimentul 2 Artilerie București.

Translation: To Mr. Domnului Costică Istrate. 3 Frbruary 1939. As a memory from Florică Giuglea. NCO mechanic in 2nd Artillery Regiment, Bucharest.

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Post #3 front: Amintire din Odessa. Iulie 1942

Posr #3 translation: A memory from Odessa. July 1942.

Post #3 back: 19 Iulie 1942. Odessa. Istrate, Petrovici Traian, Grigorescu Aurel, Bein Dumitru, Hein Ion.

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Post #5 front: Pe poziție de coastă Odessa.

Posr #5 translation: A memory from Odessa.

Post #5 back:


1. Istrate I.

2. Bușegeanu Ion

3. Andreescu Nicu

4. Ghinea Ion

5. Stan Constantin

6. Nico Dumitru

7. Obogeanu

8. Suciu Preda

9. Anghel Gheorghe (mort)

10. Boaru P.

11. Bein Dumitru

12. Petrovici Traian

13. Niculae

14. Barbu Dumitru

15. Enache T.

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