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Ион Эмануил Флореску / Ioan Emanoil Florescu

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CDV of a General Ioan Emanoil Florescu (07.08.1819 - 10.05.1893) who served as a War minister (1871-1876) and a Romanian Prime minister twice: from April 17 till May 06, 1876 as well as from March 02 till December 29, 1891. Promoted to General de Divizie on April 08, 1873. He also had a rank of a Russian colonel.


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Nice one! Unfortunately, the only romanian award I recognize by shape is the first from left: Semnul Onorific al Ofițerilor - Decret Domnesc nr. 1057// 5.VI.1872 awarded for 18 years of service in silver and for 25 years in gold. All other ones, including the breast an neck orders are foreign! :smile:

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2. Order of Saint Vladimir, 4th class.

3. Orden der Eisernen Krone, 3rd class (Austro-Hungaria).


As for other decorations I've already got an answer from British colleagues.

Neck order is Commandeur class of the Belgian Ordre de Léopold, military division.




Lower breast star is that of the Montenegrian Order of Prince Danilo I (Орден Књаза Данила I).




Upper breast star together with a corresponding sash looks like Russian Order of Saint Stanislaus, 1st class.

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