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Румыны с захваченными советскими танками / Romanians with captured Soviet tanks

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Nice photos! The truck in the first photo is romanian because we can see the white square painted on the windshield. In the second photo, the mountain rifleman standing on the T-34 is armed with a M1934, 9mm, Berreta pistol, unfortunately I can't see the rifle in the hands of the other one, maybe a M1924 ZB rifle?!

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Thanks, Mircea!


Photo No.3. Here's next photo from a series of three snapshots with captured heavy tank KV-1!

Следующая фотография из мини-подборки из трех фото: захваченный тяжелый танк КВ-1.


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Photo No.5, the final from the KV-1 mini lot.


Reverse text: Capturarea unui tanchist neamț (origianlly was written ”rus” an latter changed to „neamț”) de către o echipă de vânători de care. Tancul a fost incendiat. 8.X.44

Translation: Capturing a German (originally the word was „russian” but afterwards it was changed to ”German”) tank crew by a tank hunters team. The tank was set on fire. 8.X.44

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