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A friend of mine asked me something about this optic. Here is his letter to me:


I have been interested in the attached optics for some time. For me it is of Russian origin and to be dated approximately to the time shortly before the WKI (1910-1914). Special features are an additional sight for aiming at dusk/night and a close focus (sharp up to 50cm). A friend was sceptical about my thesis that it could be a target optic for the Russian Maxim-MG PM1910. Also the curator of the Finnish Army Museum could not fully help me with the optic, although he thought it probable that the optic is for the Maxim-MG (I wrote to the Finnish Army Museum, because the optic has Finnish markings of the time after 1918 and the Finns continued to use the Maxim PM1910 after WWI (bought up stocks of the dissolved Tsarist army)).

...I have not really made any progress with my thesis.


Therefore my request to you: could you post the pictures of the optics in the Antique forum and ask for the use of the optics? Maybe even mention the PM1910 in this context? Please also mention the close focus (see above). Mount + optics are identical in number, so they belong together. Height of mount + optics is 20cm.


Thanks a lot!!!







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