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Never seen such an uniform before, you were lucky finding a Dutch website. Please note absence of shoulder boards on his tunic and of any insignia on collars. Maybe some paramilitary organization, not an army unit?

As for the aiguillettes, what do they stand for? Marksmanship award or an indication of attachment to a staff unit?

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Yes, I was lucky, initially I thought it was a Belgian uniform. :smile:


I believe he wears a greatcoat or a rain coat, not a tunic, this is why he has no shoulder boards. I have no idea what the aiguillettes stand for, but I found here a photo whit similar aiguillettes: http://www.marechaus..._portretten.htm or see here the direct link to the photo: http://www.marechaus...n/beek_pter.jpg


PS. Andrew, can you change the name of the topic to: „Dutch uniform”, or something similar? Thanks!

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Надо малость дополнить и эту страничку. :smile: Недавно обнаружил два голландский фото.

Фото 1. 1-я учебная рота, 1929 г. Иходя из надписи на обороте фото сделано в провинции Фрисландия. Некоторые солдаты одеты в старые голландские шлемы обр. 196 г.


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