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Here we have a breast badge "Ready for Labour and Defence of the USSR" (Russian: Gotov k trudu i oborone SSSR), abbreviated as "GTO".

It was the All-Union physical culture training programme, introduced in the USSR on March 11, 1931 on the initiative by the VLKSM - youth branch of the communist party.

It was a complement to the Unified Sports Classification System of the USSR. While the latter provided Soviet physical education system requirements only for athletes, GTO was a programme for all Soviet people of almost all ages.

This badge is commonly known as "GTO badge" and roughly saying it's a Soviet version of the DRA/DRL German badge:)

Badges came in numerous variations depending on the year they were made. Yours have an image of young Lenin, the founder of the USSR and was made of enameled bronze.

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Это разновидность знака "Готов к труду и обороне” для школьников, не делившаяся на степени. Выпускался артелью “Трудгравер” (г.Ленинград) в 1938-1940 гг. Металл, эмаль. Вес 11,30 гр. Размер 65х29 мм.


Here's a version of GTO badge for school children. It had no classes unlike the general badge.

This badge was manufactured by Leningrad artel "Trudgraver" from 1938 until 1940. It's made of enamel metal. Weight 11.30 g. Dimension is 65x29 mm

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